LP Hastings



Sleepless Media is a cool branding and web design studio in Santa Cruz, CA. They pride themselves on not being another boring tech company.

They may look creepy, but they're also really cute. Ad for Third Eye Pinecones with Valerie Ross and Mayra Reyna.

Little ad for Third Eye Pinecones with the beautiful Valerie Ross. Music by ClockCatcher.

Wandered into the forest with Mars Arriaga for a lovely fire fan dance. Jewelry from Third Eye Pinecones, music from Slenderbodies.

It's been a damn long winter in Santa Cruz. The wettest in 30 years! Suffice to say, we were thrilled to welcome Spring.

My dreams came true making this spooky little treat for Third Eye Pinecones' Halloween campaign. Costuming by Paula Thena. Music by Andrew Dreher. 

A romantic wedding on the beach. We got to play with overcast pastels and the golden rays at sunset. Produced by Joel Moses Productions.

Dear Handmade Life invited me to one of their beautiful family dinners so that I could capture where they find love and happiness.

I'm not quite sure how to describe what happened that night. But it sure was visually stimulating.

Commercial for Dear Handmade Life’s Artisan Bar workshop. Bonus included drinking said cocktails afterward.

Craftcation is my most favorite work event of the year. For four days, 400 creatives get together to craft and learn business skills. It's fantastic.

There's nothing quite like a forest show. Not sure exactly of where you're headed, until you hear the music.

Spent a chilly afternoon in the redwoods with musicians Kat Factor and Tyler Larson.

Kyle Allen from Georgia knows how to dance. Awesome mural by Josh Voches who is impossible to find on the Internet.

By far my silliest video. A mom-and-pop business is not complete without a shop cat.

Social media ad for jewelry company Third Eye Pinecones on a train at Roaring Camp Railroad.

A corporate video for El Camino Hospital about their Baby-Friendly services for mothers.

It was difficult to pack four amazing days into a quick commercial, but I think it captures the energy and sentimentality that is Craftcation.

Social media ad for jewelry company Third Eye Pinecones featuring the Getaway Dogs.

Patchwork Show is the flagship creative festival from Dear Handmade Life. It’s been running for 10 years and grew from 10 vendors to 150.

Promo for The Makery Craft Co., a workshop space and studio in Anaheim, CA.