I’ve loved drama all my life. Not the social kind – the artistic kind. I got lost in Annie Leibovitz's fairy tale shoots for Vogue. I love a visual story that feels like there is something at stake - love, loss, tension, mystery. I don’t think a good image is just pretty to look at, a good image makes you wonder.

In the day to day, I’m entirely silly and friendly, and pretty dorky despite my best efforts. I grew up in the ultimate suburbia, Orange County, but now happily call a little cabin in the Santa Cruz Mountains home. Living steeped in nature has become a huge influence on my mind and my work.

I currently travel the Bay Area and California shooting and editing everything from editorials, advertisements, weddings, and events. I’ve been shooting digital photography for 7 years, but my truest love is in film and video making. I know my work is done when the piece evokes even my emotions. This is what I strive for. 

My Current Influences:
Laura Makabresku
Gregory Crewdson
Cary Fukunaga
Jordan Wolfson
Paula Thena