LP Hastings



I’ve fallen for artistic melodrama all my life. I love a visual story that feels like there is something at stake - love, loss, tension, mystery. I don’t think a good image is just pretty to look at, a good image makes you wonder.

In the day to day, I’m entirely silly and friendly, and pretty dorky despite my best efforts. So don’t be fooled by this dramatic black background. I grew up in the ultimate suburbia, Orange County, but now call a cozy room in a communal home in the Redwood Forests of Santa Cruz home. Living steeped in nature has become a huge influence on my mind and my work, and essential for my soul.

I currently travel the Bay Area and greater California shooting and editing everything from editorials, advertisements, weddings, and events. I’ve been working with digital photography for over 10 years, but my truest love is in film and video making. I know my work is done when the piece evokes even my emotions, whether it’s a smile I can’t help, or a deep feeling in my bones that won’t shake. This is what I strive for. 

My Current Influences:
Laura Makabresku
Gregory Crewdson
Cary Fukunaga
Jordan Wolfson
Zoe Jakes